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You should always wake up with the Real Canadian real canadian superstore flyer Superstore flyers and their amazing sales every week! The latest product choices, unique opportunities to reduce cost purchase and a large product list can always be found in their leaflets. You can reach what you are looking for, easily in their showrooms and headlights. Product choices are not limited to food. You have some electronics, home needs, personal care, pharmacy, family and more. In addition, they lowered prices for many selected products this week. Let's see what you've got at the Real Canadian Superstore Flyer 29 May 2017! Flyer Superstore Real Canadian 29 May 2017
Real business, real prices!

The list of their products will draw your attention Online flyers because the popular products and the good quality of the major brands appear in this leaflet. All pages of this flyer were asked for you. I received very reasonable prices for outstanding choices. If you have a plan to take food, you should take advantage of these fair prices. It is possible to achieve the product from each component. In addition, each part contains some opportunities to save your money.

Page 4 is full of good as croissants, cupcakes, cookies and donuts. Their choices are quite fresh. Especially, you should try the cookies of Frosted Sugar. This is my favorite on this site. In addition, French or Italian refrigerator is available. You pay only $ 1.00 for this. It's matured in the store. Do not lose it!
Parts of bread;

Rolls Ace-Gourmet, $ 3.00 a.
Old Mill Bagels, $ 1.58.
Wonder ends Casa Mendosa, $ 2.98 and others.
Mini Cupcakes, $ 3.00 ea.
Annette's Donuts, $ 2.00 a.
Big rolls, bagels or croissants, $ 0.50 a.

As I said, they have dropped the prices of various types of elections this week. If you look at pages 9 and 10, you will see excellent deals that save you up to $ 5.21! Let's look at these products if you need some, you should pick these reasonable prices! These products are very popular and of good quality. In my opinion, Tim Horton's only coffee is the best choice for $ 18.97. When you buy it, you will save $ 1.00 Real Canadian Superstore Flyer 29 May 2017
Celebrate with super rewards;

So organic delicacies or the only dairy earth, $ 3.48 a.
Tube Minigo yoplait or Yoplait, $ 2.00 ea.
Quaker oatmeal, $ 2.48 a.
Leclerc biscuits or waffers, $ 1.98 and others.
Dust suppressor, $ 7.98 a.
Dawn or Ivory Detergent, $ 1.98 and more.
Royal Tiger Towel, $ 5.98 ea.

Many special offers for the Dragon Boat Festival are waiting to be discovered on page 12! On this site there are many ethnic and new evidence products. It may be a product you have not tried yet. It is a good opportunity to try new products. Find some Asian recipes and make another meal for yourself. Now it's down. Let's catch and taste new food!


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